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Falls Church Garden Club
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Special notes:
Garden Club Tee-shirt orders
If you are interested in getting a FCGC tee-shirt with the name of our club on the front and a custom design on the back, you can order the tee-shirts on-line through March 15th.
The tee-shirts come in three (3) distinct colors (your choice...buy all colors and sizes as gifts) and must be ordered on-line at  https://www.customink.com/g/jwc0-00ba-vcs1


Virginia Native Seedling Sale 

Consider adding native trees and shrubs to your community today!



This year's seedling sale features shrubs and trees that are tolerant of deer browse. While no plant is completely deer-proof, these seedlings are less susceptible. They help clean our water and air, prevent soil erosion, provide valuable habitat, and add beauty and resilience to your landscape. Enjoy!

The Shrub and Small Tree Package features 10 seedlings for $16.95. The Tree Packageincludes 6 seedlings sold for $11.95. A full, nonrefundable payment must accompany your order by Wednesday, April 11, or until supplies run out. You will receive a confirmation receipt with a map to the pickup site at the Packard Center in Annandale. Orders may be picked up on Friday, April 20, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., or Saturday, April 21, 9:00 a.m.-noon.


Pay  online with a credit card, debit card or e-check. Orders for 2018 seedling packages open February 1. Please follow this link to our online seedling sale store.  View online seedling sale store: http://nvswcd-velocitypayment-com.3dcartstores.com/

About Us --

Established in 1950 in Falls Church, Virginia, the Falls Church Garden Club is a local group of gardeners of varying interests and abilities. Some maintain extensive grounds. Some garden in containers. Some of us go nuts for “obscure” plants; some of us love just ordinary vegetables. Some specialize in orchids; some, dahlias.  A few of us are planting more natives and  going after the certification as a wildlife habitat.   Many are just beginners or new house owners.  Come meet us all and be one of us!  

Join the Falls Church Garden Club.  New cultivars and new friends!

Membership Advantages
  • Nine formal meetings per year, most with a speaker, a set program, and homemade treats (and as many informal meetings as you can manage…)
  • Nine issues of our newsletter, the Seedling, with news about the club, local gardening events, gardening advice, and articles
  • Plant exchanges and bulk ordering, including the formal Fall Exchange, as well as informal plant swaps
  • Local (and not so local) garden tours
  • Ability to contact other local gardening enthusiasts with a wide variety of skills, knowledge, and interests
  • Discounts from select local nurseries
Community Activities  
The FCGC supports a variety of educational and environmental activities in our community such as: 
  • Donations to environmental and local community causes, including sponsoring a joint educational project with Thomas 
  • Jefferson Elementary School in addition to providing an annual contribution
  • School activity, including a money gift to help install the Mount Daniel Elementary School observation garden
  • Public garden support; for example, we provided $750 to the Northern Virginia Park Authority to assist with the creation of a new garden/park at the intersection of Grove Street and the W&OD Bike Trail.  We have also provided donations to the Margaret White Garden and Meadowlark Gardens
  • Spring Plant Sale; an annual event open to the public, the FCGC Spring Plant sale provides the community with the opportunity to acquire common and rare plants at “bargain” prices, and to obtain local gardening knowledge from our members. 

 "Gardening is not some sort of game by which one proves his superiority over others, nor is it a marketplace for the display of elegant things that others cannot afford.  It is, on the contrary, a growing work of creation, endless in its changing elements.  It is not a monument or an achievement, but a sort of travelling, a kind of pilgrimage you might say, often a bit grubby and sweaty though true pilgrims do not mind that.  A garden is not a picture, but a language, which is of course the major art of life."  Henry Mitchell About Henry Mitchell