Spring Plant Sale

The club plant sale was held on June 19, 2021. Thank you for your participation. 

Usually held the day before Mother's Day, the club members sell locally grown flowers, freshly made bouquets, shrubs, trees, houseplants, herbs. We also sell various new and used garden art, tools, books, etc
The Spring Plant Sale  is our main event of the gardening year. Open to the public. It is our biggest fundraiser, and it provides much of the funds necessary for the club to operate. Club members volunteer to work together in digging, donating, gathering, potting, marking, pricing, transporting, setting up, and selling plants. The Spring Plant Sale is a terrific opportunity for FCGC members and non-members to come together and share their love of plants and horticulture.  Usually held a day before Mother's Day, these plants make a great gift for any mothers or mothers' friends.  A gift membership to the Falls Church Garden Club is only $20 a year.  Why not join us and play a role in the plant sale.

Falls Church Community Center ..Gymnasium 
223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA. 
Near Farmers' Market, but we are nonprofit.

More details
The event is a long-standing tradition of FCGC and is open to the public. No admission fee. Although the sale runs for the entire morning, choice plants sell out very quickly. Plants are locally grown by our members, who are also on hand to answer questions. The prices are a fraction of what you would pay in a commercial establishment. Selection varies greatly from year to year, although the backbones of the garden are always represented. Big or little treasures do show up, depending on what our members donate (orchids, tree peonies, or hardy cyclamens may be for sale, for example). Even mystery plants. You may depend on herbs, trees, and shrubs, sun lovers and shade seekers.  In summary, you’ll never know what may be found, but it’s fun and inexpensive. We offer educational exhibits for children, lovely flower arrangements to buy as Mother's Day gifts. Just make sure to be there early for the best selection.

FCGC members 
You’ll be reminded at meetings and through the Seedling newsletter of what you can do to help the Spring Plant Sale succeed, both financially and in reaching out to the community in sharing plants and expertise. Here are some of the things you can do to support the sale:

  • Pot up the divisions from overgrown perennials and self-sown seedlings.
  • When starting plants from seeds, start a few extras to donate - annuals and herbs are always very popular.
  • Root cuttings early (rosemary, lavender, fuchsia, sedum, fig, geraniums, and pelargoniums are just a few examples   that can be propagated from cutting fairly easily).
  • If you have large perennials, shrubs, etc., that you’d like to donate but are unable to dig, please call one of the co-chairs with specifics ASAP so that we can make arrangements to dig the plants.
  • VOLUNTEER for one or several of many necessary tasks associated with the sale preparation or the event. 
  • Talk to your friends or neighbors, and tell them about the sale!  Distribute flyers.  Share the web link www.fallschurchgardenclub.org